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Lucas Mauron

Driver Management

Mentoring Program
Launch Alpine A110
Wingo OCR Swiss Challenge
Ice Hockey
Porsche Taycan

Motorsport Events

We are going to organize racing events, track days, presentations and other motorsports experiences.

OCR - The next big Thing!!!

OCR is a sport in which a competitor on foot has to overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles. We organize the new international OCR series in Switzerland including the first official SOSF Swiss Championships. Recreational athletes and teams will be competing in the Open Experience Series. Elite athletes will have the opportunity to win the first Swiss Champion title.

New Porsche 911 Launch

Timeless Machine! We launched the new Porsche 911.

Kopie von -Launch Alpine A110 Sportscar

In March 2018 we launched the new Alpine A110 at the Alpine Centre in St.Gall. 

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