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About Us

SCENIX sports
We are a one-stop shop in sports marketing based in Switzerland. We provide full service in communication, event management, athletes consulting, bidding consulting and sponsoring management. Combining digital and analogue instruments we coordinate and produce your projects, events and marketing tasks in a innovative and structured manner.
Our clients are sports organizations of all sizes and from different sectors. We also offer our services to optimize the return on investment for companies joining sport as organizers, sponsors, technical suppliers or other partners. We are an independent consultancy and project management company in the field of professional sports. 
Global Activity
We are not restricted in the scope of SCENX. We are preparing for a global direction. This includes setting up an international network and ensuring language skills.
Basic idea
Combining sports, entertainment and business is our key message. Everything we produce is subordinated to this idea. We believe that with this concept, the emotions in sports will be strengthened in a distighished way.
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